Interests Experience Education About Me

I have a wide array of interests that range from crocheting to movies, and sports to computers. Many of my interests will come through in my Blog posts, but you'll be able to find a few details about my interests here.

I used to play hockey for the Northern Colorado Youth Hockey club, and also used to be a huge fan of the Colorado Eagles minor league hockey team. Unfortunately, when I moved away to college, I wasn't able to continue playing or attend many games and I've lost interest. Now, I mostly just follow the NFL, with my favorite team being the Atlanta Falcons. Rise up!

My main sources of entertainment tend to be TV, movies, and video games. I may put up a list of movies and TV shows that I enjoy, but that will probably be better served by a blog post or two, which will also allow me to discuss them as well. You can find the games I have played recently below.