Advent of Code Jul 5, 2016

Last December, I discovered a wonderful programming challenge site called Advent of Code. I had a lot of fun working through the challenges every day leading up to Christmas and I started a Github repo to track my solutions.

I started out doing the challenges in python since that is what I am most familiar with. After accomplishing most of the challenges in python, I decided to teach myself some C++ for a few of the challenges. Lately, I've been starting to attempt the challenges in other languages such as Javascript and Golang to broaden my programming language horizons.

You can read instructions for running the code on the Github repo below.

Github link:

Django Site Dec 23, 2013

This site is now Jekyll powered, however, it used to be run by Django. I originally built it using Django because I had several ideas of how to build it where a framework like Django would be useful. I was also very familiar with Django and since this is my first site built from scratch, it seemed like a good idea.

After building the Django site, I learned about Jekyll and started reading about it and was surprised to learn that much of what Jekyll does, I had built my Django site to do similarly. Therefore, I decided to switch over to Jekyll to power my site, which ended up being relatively simple to do. You can now see the Django powered site (which will no longer be updated) at the links below.

Github link: