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YCharts - Senior Software Engineer

After branching out more and more, I started working on many parts of YCharts outside economic data. I soon became intimately familiar with our importers for most of our data from many various providers.

I also worked on our DevOps processes. I refactored our deployment process to use a build server to package up everything needed for a successful deploy instead of relying on GitHub, PyPI, npm and other dependencies for every server. In addition, I also migrated our AWS infrastructure from legacy EC2 servers to a VPC framework.

One of the projects I am most proud of is our investor relations data gathering system. I implemented a system to scrape companies' investor relations and news websites for possible investor events, including a way for a data manager to be able to define a set of rules for a given website and find events without needing to write any code. These possible events are then given to a person who is able to then look at where the event was found and fill in all the necessary details to create an event in our database.

After creating an event, another person then views a similar system and is able to verify that all the details are correct, or make changes as needed, resubmitting the event for verification. Once an event is verified, related documents can then be gathered and uploaded. This entire process is meant to be able to be outsourced and managed without needing any coding or web skills.

YCharts - Economic Data Developer

In January 2013, I started full-time at YCharts, continuing my work on economic data.

I also worked on the infrastructure. I migrated our static assets to Amazon S3, implementing a system to version each file, in order to cache bust URLs. This also involved creating a system, using redis, to store the current version of each filename. This allowed for an asynchronous deploy to have a worker machine process and upload the static files, then when the web server is updated, all that is necessary is to point them at the new versions.

YCharts - Economic Data Intern

I started my career at YCharts as an intern, growing and maintaining a large economic indicator data set. This started as mostly writing simple python scripts to load the necessary data to find and import economic data from various government and private websites into our system. However, as anyone who has ever scraped the web for data knows, things change and I started having to work on the backend logic in order to successfully import the data.